Jan 11

D1 Schools with Lacrosse “Stack Up” in New Directors’ Cup Rankings

College’s and their lacrosse teams are constantly ranked by many different authorities.  USNews, Forbes, and Princeton Review do the most notorious rankings of colleges and universities based on their academic prowess.  Lacrosse teams are ranked before, during and after the season by the USILA Coaches’ Poll, Inside Lacrosse, and the Nike/STX Media Poll.

One of our favorite rankings at Empower the Athlete is the NACDA Directors Cup rankings.   NACDA stands for National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics, and once a year these athletic directors get together and rank NCAA colleges and universities by success in collegiate athletics.  Points for the Directors’ Cup are based on order of finish in different NCAA championships or media-based polls.  Essentially, these rankings reflect which schools have the best overall athletic departments.

The NACDA has recently released the most recent rankings and a lot of schools with men’s and women’s lacrosse programs were in the top 50.  Stanford has won the award for 16 years straight, but does not have an NCAA lacrosse program – yet.  Here is a list of D1 schools with lacrosse programs in the top 50 by the order of their ranking.

1. Stanford (only a D1 women’s program)  

2. North Carolina

3. Ohio State

4. Penn State

7. Maryland

9. Duke

10. Virginia

12. Southern California (adding lacrosse programs)

14. Notre Dame

16. Michigan (supposedly adding men’s lacrosse)

16. Syracuse

18. Villanova

25. Princeton

37. Providence

50. Delaware


  1. brett.nicol says:

    Future college athletes should pay close attention to the Directors Cup rankings because measuring the success of overall athletic departments tells you the following:
    1) The role that athletics plays on campus (Will there be a lot of other athletes in my classes? Will many people be attending my games?)
    2) How athletes are received by their non-sports playing classmates (Are athletes respected on campus or looked down upon?)
    3) The resources available to student-athletes (sports and training facilities, academic achievement centers, even athletes-only cafeterias)
    4) A winning culture of athletics at your school

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